Here’s our second chance for a complete RESET, to reboot our value systems – and to have each other’s back as human brothers and sisters. We’re family! Will we unite? Where the freedom went, we may not know… Where will we find it? Immerse yourself to find out, in this poem, written during the first […]

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Magical Mermaid swimming on the ocean ground blue silver hair turquoise purple tail and ocean part of POEM 'DEEP DIVE'

“People may have thought they lost me – or, that I finally drowned! — but while they shrugged their shoulders and turned, I found treasures on the ocean ground! Will you set your TRUE DREAMS free? Come, let’s take a dive together, let me entertain your brain and lift your being heavenly. Your gifts are […]

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Everything is Energy

“Our NEW VALUE SYSTEM: Everything is energy, so energy is everything!”— Tanya von Zychlinsky Stepping into lighter lives. It means to deal with your ‘stuff’ as it comes up and out. To lighten the load. To give yourself permission to play and have pleasure as you choose to embody the Language of Abundance and live […]

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Today’s a Whole New Life

Today’s a whole new life that I am at the start of Others can see that anything is possible when you believe in your dreams and take inspired action deeper into them – including online – seeding and inventing the NEW that we wish to see and feel and hear and be touched by. Don’t […]

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Kiss Yourself Awake!

The grinning frog prince or princess as well symbolizes the invitation to the reader and listener to 'Kiss Yourself Awake!'

Don’t wait for someone else to kiss you awake – KISS YOURSELF. Still in a haze, or wide awake? Welcome to the family! The world now needs all POETS OF LIFE, because thoughts and words and FEELINGS — and all we hear and SEE — creates us, our environment, and our NEW Reality. So BE […]

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Our values and beliefs have changed drastically as to what is of the Essence and what really matters. “What we need most now is sensitive souls to soften hardened hearts.” The pandemic, calls for justice, and chaos in the world are a direct mirror reflection of the major transformation as we re-balance our inner and outer world, purge […]

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Sound Manifest Art Collage shows our Awakened Humanity (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky

Above, you see a collage of three of my paintings: Sound Manifest, Remember, and JOY. Together, they are Awakened Humanity. It’s about us as people, as Awakened Humanity. Our higher Intelligence always sees the bigger picture, so I’m glad that I trusted my intuition as to who’s in in each one, and that I pulled […]

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Here’s my Love Letter to the young people of the world – and those young at heart grown-ups. YOUR LIFE MATTERS, and the colour of your hair or of your fabulous skin shimmers like the facets of jewels from within, or glittering water, velvety visions or voices, perhaps silken dresses or prosperous choices. Your special […]

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The Divine Feminine Re-Awakens on Earth

You may have heaven in your hair, magical girl with stars in her long curls. All made of stars. Poetry Powers Prosperity, for, Everything is Energy. Made magical by Tanya von Zychlinsky

The Divine Feminine Re-Awakens on Earth poem and imagery (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky 22 May 2020 First off, it’s all about your HEART.So, trust your intuition,Appreciate beauty, speak words of abundance,and watch your dreams come to fruition. Choose thoughts that LOVE and CHERISH you,For as you think you’ll live out loud,And while your Heart […]

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Essential in Essence

compassionate happy man hugging big tree

When we hug a tree, we really are embracing our own true nature, our higher biology. Earth isn’t ‘just’ our Mother. Earth is our BODY biology, and we as humans are some of her cells, we are her, she is us. So whatever we do to her, we do to us, whatever we do for […]

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