A New Time – White Buffalo Calf & Lamb

When I painted this a few years back, I felt guided to add the white buffalo calf — Miracle — to the lambs. Miracle is sacred (as is all of life), a messenger of change that we may gladly welcome in this transition time between an old way of life rearing its stubborn head in resistance,…

… and a new way of life, where we understand, finally, that we’re made to co-create and collaborate, to contribute and cheer each other on, that the Divine lives within each of us (Yes, in the midst of You too.). We’re guardians of Earth.

White Buffalo Calf & Lamb

(c) Art and Poem by Tanya von Zychlinsky

I am White Buffalo Calf – and sacred –
pure of heart and higher mind,
The gentle way won’t lead astray,
Calls forth the best in humankind.

Don’t underestimate my power,
It can dissolve what need not stay.
It doesn’t get any nower,
Just be the light, the life, the way.

Are you ready for my gift?
My favourite is everyone,
You are my kin,
Our Nature’s guardians,
Where have you been?
The time has come!

You may not hear my softness yell,
But Earth and all your hearts called me,
Nor will my gentle ways repel
What will you choose?
I’ve come to see.

The world around you still has Grace.
Release the past, we need you much,
When you had fallen on your face,
Your heart reopened to My touch.

Love, have you ever stood in awe
as butterflies danced in the sky –
When dragonflies delivered dreams
and shimmered in the evening light?

White buffalo calf and lamb announce
That change and miracles are afoot.
All colours beautify creation –
Our world and we transform for good.

We’re stellar siblings
in planetary neighbourhood.

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

‘White Buffalo Calf & Lamb’, Art and Poem (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky, speaks of inspiration, strength, and the power of creation. Are you following your calling and use all the gifts you were given.

Will you be the Star of Your Own Life’s Movie to light up others?

Then you could share the gift of You and your creative self-expression with the world. If you’d like guidance with that, I’m here for you. Work with me.

If you feel touched, this may have to do with you, and you could contact me here.

Here’s to You, the Essence of Wonder
within a biological miracle,

Shine out!

Big smiles,

Tanya x

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