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Beyond ALL Limitation, Poetry Powers Prosperity, for, everything is energy and energy in formation. All the life that we don’t know in multiple dimensions… inner and outer. Poetry – A new way of understanding – for a whole new way of LIFE. May you feel inspired to see yourself and your life and your creations in a whole new way. Who’s inside looking out for you? Here’s my poetry as a song for your soul. Enjoy!


Beyond All Limitation

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky

In high appreciation
for all we cannot see
So much our mind won’t grasp
and yet it came to be

All the life that we don’t know
in multiple dimensions
All that’s dematerialized
no need for interventions

Whether we believe or not
it doesn’t need permission
its beauty is perceivable
yet hidden from our vision

The vastness of the universes
energy is playing matter
Whatever we assumed it was
is potentialized times better

Our precious human mind
so much genius has a blast
compared to stellar vastness though
this teeny micro will not last

The future folds into the now
the past exists between your ears
Time dimension kissing space
experienced creating fears

The Spirit of Eternity
lives beyond all limitation
formless with form experiments
expands beyond all worlds as nation

Planetary neighbourhood
unconscious veil is lifting
Soul in forms unite for good
Vastness itself is shifting

– uplifting –

All soul is extra terrestrial
terra is beautiful matter
the right term is extra material
or formless – if that sounds better

extra earth material
a vaster time and space illusion
High Consciousness has myriad forms
only fear calls that intrusion

Planetary Neighbourhood
peaceful companions for so long
Listen to the Heart of Truth
Your Highest is a Blessing Song

All soul is extra wonderful
dimensions of diversity
the games of time and space were fun
illusions in eternity

Interstellar life forms dance
Great Creation magnified
beauty beyond perception
their existence was denied

The vastness of the universes
energy in forms the ion
Love only creates more Love
as the lamb lies down with the grumpy lion

Love in form at ion
all dimensions cell-ebrate
no matter what the mind says
Peace and Love just are


And so Life is



Pure light-filled wonder.

True spiritual power. Alive in ALL of us.

Poetry – pure essence – not an entity.

Appreciation is key.

☆✩ Tanya ✩☆

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE in formation

with all my art


signature of Tanya von Zychlinsky


As Elevated Energy Poetry Powers Prosperity

—  Tanya von Zychlinsky


PS If you’d love to share, please leave the page intact to maintain its integrity and credit the author. Thank You ox

copyrights (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved


“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”
—  Rumi

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