Born to Raise Consciousness

woman, divine feminine, the universe in her long lively hair and body, born to raise consciousness, with logo Poetry Powers Prosperity by Tanya von Zychlinsky

“Looking at our world, we look into the mirror reflection of our inner projection of our consciousness, individually and collectively.
To change that world or create a NEW Reality,
we have to work both ‘in here’ and ‘out there’.”

And let it be FUN!
We’re born to raise consciousness, after all!

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

A Story – Darkness and Its Box of Tricks

copyrights (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky Story, Poetry, Inspiration & Imagery

Imagine, you signed up for this real life virtual reality where a NEW ERA has just begun. The moment is here: You arrive, take a look around to get an impression of everything to best choose what to create next.

The door to the old world of Norm-all is closing. Back to Norm-all? Never. That’s why you’re here, because of that, to celebrate LIFE and help Create a NEW Reality, to help people learn and prosper — to raise consciousness! — which you are truly happy about, but then… what’s that?!… some odd sticky something clinging desperately to the knob of that door. A closer look reveals a stubborn cloud of darkness. The kind of darkness that hides things from the light, oozing a smell, exhausting an accidental toot from holding it all in – and from yanking at the door to the past! Darkness is having a fit, clinging to the door knob so tightly to prevent the door from closing. “Nooo! Don’t!! Stop that right now. I said, stoooppp!!” But the door is not listening.

Neither are any of the bystanders since smelly darkness and its tricks are no longer a secret. All out in the open, exposed, all dusty lies aired out, more to be revealed. It may have been in control for a long time — in. the. past! — but its time is up now. Darkness smelly cloud is part of the other side of that closing door, desperately trying to reactivate its fading might to no avail. It can no longer boss people around; they have returned into their hearts:

Millions of people are awakening from their slumber — daily! — so it can no longer manipulate them into believing all the stories that it kept playing and projecting into their minds, seeding self-doubt and confusion and anger and fear – and divide! Smelly liked that the most, all SO easy while they were distracted ‘being against each other‘. Which he helped along quite nicely. Nearly too simple. You just needed to toss an old image or info into the crowd that you knew angered and scared them, and then lean back and watch them point fingers and fists, belittle and blame, play power games with calling names. Again, too simple, at least, until now.

That’s why Smelly kept seeding distrust and outrageous sneaky stories, inside their minds and ‘out there’ via audio, video, print, TV — all media or platforms it could find and buy, disguising itself as ‘the good one’, turning the light switch off and then on, saying he turned it on for all, a saviour. And then, spreading all those ‘news’ that people used to buy into . At that word, Smelly had to chuckle:” News. Ha. OLDS more like. I’ve used those old stories over and over for eons, I’m a cloud of smelly energy, after all, so I can stink about whatever I want, hehe!”

But no longer – now they know! How could that happen! Smelly cloud gets all huffy and puffy and lets out another toot of frustration and (don’t tell anyone), very big fear. To not feel, it imagined itself to be the Wizard of Moss, ha. Yes, the fear-monger-master was in fear itself, that’s why it needed to keep all others in fear so they wouldn’t notice how very very VERY insecure he was.

BUT, believe it or not, no matter how sly Smelly Cloud pretends to be, can’t trick the HEART of Truth, for it can really SEE, right to all intention – and why things come to be.

More and more people keep on waking up everywhere, millions a day (!) – who LISTEN to and follow their truth, and who can SEE right through the tactics and manoeuvres of the master manipulator cloud: ” Blame, shame, belittle, make all trusting people brittle, wiggle the middle, divide and decide, hype them up to take a side, leaves people too scared to abide!” But Smelly’s victorious grin soon froze for it tried to hold on to that closing door again, in vain. It was not almighty, and Consciousness can change consciousness in a jiffy. Just like that. The past was never meant to be the future, and back to norm-all? Never ever. Instead, how about we each can create the NEW, can stand for JOY and BEAUTY – and YOU, will you join in too?

Born to Raise Consciousness

Now, what does that story have to do with You?
Darkness Smelly Cloud wants to keep consciousness low. And You?
YOU Were Born to RAISE Consciousness – for a LOVE-filled Reality.

As your Visionary Guide and Magical Storyteller,
I’m right here to mentor you.

Strategic International Leadership FUN.

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky PoetryPowersProsperity dot com
Tanya von Zychlinsky , CEO & CREATIVE
– Visionary Guide & Leading Resource –

Many may complain, but YOU could be part of the solution. Martin Luther King jr. didn’t change the world by saying: “I have a complaint!”
Transformation Teacher-Edutainer, Visionary Intuitive Guide, and Cultural Creative Conduit, Tanya von Zychlinsky,
— former Advertising Account Executive —
offers teaching tools and transmissions for fast solutions as well as deep wisdom, ideas, and vast imagination, receiving playful pure Spirit right straight through to support what wants to be born through you, your group, your organisation. or your small biz.

Private Mentoring – Creating a NEW Reality

Your minimum 3+ months package means:
You’re making an investment and a commitment to your calling 
as creative spiritual entrepreneur, teacher & other luminous leader
who loves to help people prosper and co-create a NEW REALITY.

12 Steps to Create Your NEW Reality

  • Initial Road Map – Here Now & Inspired Outcome
  • Define & Clear – Energetic & Old ID Blocks
  • Teaching TOOLS, Miracle-Mindset & Magical Moments
  • HEART-Leadership & Playful Spirit (work heart & laugh lots)
  • Language of Abundance – Poetry Powers Prosperity
  • Cross-Cultural Connection, Creation, Collaboration & Community
  • Skills, Talents, Experience & Creative and Intuitive Gifts
  • Poetic Higher Power and Intuitive Guidance
  • Deep Wisdom and Vast Imagination
  • Unlimited Creativity
  • Streamline & Strategize – to-do, to-be, to-celebrate (Progress Log)
  • Co-create a NEW Reality – Abundance & Miracle Watch

The above are suggested topics – just as orientation – since we will follow visionary intuitive guidance for what benefits you most each time. Also, the individual ‘steps’ aren’t always linear, more like multidimensional playgrounds, which lead to adventures and discoveries. Whatever it ends up being, it’s exactly (!!) what you came for, for Higher Mind knows 😀

“Your soul knows your contract,
knows how and when,
Your mind doesn’t have a clue.

No one else can be who you are,
nor do your gifted do.

The only one who sees it all
Is the Higher Truth of You –
Creative Spirit
right straight through.” ♡

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

Are you a professional optimist, like me?

Then you could get in touch and find out whether we’re a match to work WONDERS together. When you apply via email here — subject line ‘Mentor Me’ — please state the following:

1) where you are at now
2) what you aim to achieve
3) your desired time frame
4) your budget for Mentoring

If our visions and values are aligned to co-create a NEW REALITY for you as well as for people and the planet contributing to a WE WORLD with equal rights for all our global family, we could hop onto a Zoom call for a first assessment and to see whether we’re a match for what you imagine, or if perhaps someone else might be better, I might have suggestions. In that case, we’d both have more clarity leading to the next step.

If we are a match, we’ll both assess your situation, see how we get you and/or your team from where you are to beyond where you want (them) to be – and how we might do that – and then you’ll receive a custom quote. Once you confirm and show your commitment through your payment, we’ll dive right in at the chosen time and date, with skills, intuitive guidance – and the beauty and power of a playful Spirit.

“You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.” — Yoko Ono

Scholarships or Sliding Scale are available in some cases, email me your true story here & Your WHY

Allow LIFE to PLAY through you & MAGIC HAPPENS.
For, everything is energy, creating a NEW Reality.

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

If intuition tells me (so it’s not personal) that someone else might be a better fit for your dream vision, I’ll happily give you suggestions. Because I want the best match for you for what you need at this moment, as well as honour both of our availability and time, for best results. That way, I can be 100% present. ♡ If you don’t know your vision/desired outcome yet, no worries at all! We’ll get there, together, if we’re a mentoring match. We may schedule a brief clarity call via phone or zoom, then go from there.

You’re welcome to get in touch here — also for POETRY or other potential CO-CREATION — and I’ll get back to you asap.

Can’t wait to connect with you!

Blessings and big smiles,
Tanya ○ ○
○ 〇

For Sliding Scale or Scholarship Awards (funds permitting),
you could prosper & blossom here.

♡ May my word peace bless your day and serve you as a divine navigational guide to COME HOME into your HEART. If you love my ♡ PROSPER POEMS and WONDER WORK ♡ you’ll love our visionary co-creations for your NEW Reality even more, custom-designed, received right straight through from Spirit for you. Nothing compares to that, because there’s only ONE of you and ONE of me, and this creative combination works wonders for your world 😀

♡ Can’t wait to connect with you. Thank you. ♡

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