Can Parenting Be Poetry?

Little girl Tanya jumping through her imagination a universe of magical colours and stars (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky

A new consciousness is arising on the planet with highly aware children — especially the ones coming in now — who in their own unique way reform our humanity into strong, independent, successfully sensitive being, as they model the power of strong-willed gentleness, generosity and divine design.

Yes, that’s me up there  —  joyously jumping through my vast IMAGINATION and CREATIVE CIRCUS OF LIFE  —  at around age 8. I always was and still am at home in those fields of energy in formation beyond our known universes, and to this day love to dream, vision, vacation, being immersed  —  and immersing others —  in joyous creation.


How much more FUN —  and productive (!) —  can it get?

… than drawing ideas and inventions from our imagination and seeing them come to life. When we’re working (or playing) in co-creation with our poetic higher power in a flow of ease, blissed in the zone beyond timespace, everything falls into place as if by magic for a better more beautiful world, starting with our own inner world.

So, I ‘get’ that childlike innocence and inventiveness, the impact and life-saving importance of splashing in our imagination, which I managed to preserve within me somehow.  Or better: it preserved me! And, I ‘get’ parenting, too. Both are alive and well within me, where experience meets education meets higher mind stream of consciousness – and that light-hearted sense of awe and wonder of the cosmic child playing at LIFE.


If everything is energy, can parenting be poetry?

heart balloons light free JOYOUS free flow Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com Tanya von ZychlinskyAbsolutely. As parents, we’re energy movers, all the time. So are our kids, who come through us, not from us. Life itself is Poetry  —  an ESSENCE, not an entity — not a poem that contains verses of delight or distress, but the energy that is divine, not divide. And so, as I said, what we have worked through and transformed and shifted and changed, the younger generations already have as a base to start from. We’re not here to teach them what we were once taught and needed at that time. That’s all old to them, and they’re so connected to higher values and wisdom themselves, it’s innate. We used to have that too, until we were conditioned away from it, so why repeat that  😀  We’re here to be their guardians, to hold space and teach them to navigate Earth with awareness and being an awake human being and how to relate and co-create from that place with each other, especially in person (not only via screen).

… and without putting our own fears upon them, where possible, but still preparing them for what shadows the forest may hold. We’re here to foster their leadership  —  what comes through them as them, their innate wisdom  —   until they’re old enough to lead the way.

Everything is energy – so, Energy is Everything!
Energy hygiene and how we run our energy needs to have priority.

Did you know that your favourite poetry is perceived by the same area of the brain that also registers music?
(not the area that registers intellectual information).

So, poetry is musical energy, no wonder that poetry powers prosperity.


Eternal Surprise and Master Button-Pusher

As for parenting: Sometimes, you may just not know what to do with a situation you’ve never been in before. We all encounter this, and especially parents, since a child is a living being of eternal surprise and a master button-pusher. Hooray! Then, you can either go into the next room. —  or outside!  —  and count to 20 (or 100, teehee!) or go move your body, or make yourself a tea and feel your smile returning, reading Lady Poetry is Back. All are ways of shifting timelines, higher. This whole site allows you to bathe in beauty, be lifted and replenished. If you’d love to hear inspiration on a specific topic, you could leave a comment below or contact us with relevant questions or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you.


Yes, parenting can be poetry!

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky PoetryPowersProsperity dot com

With a soul full of love for all children
– grown-ups included – and parents,

I hold you in my heart!

Greetings of gratitude for YOU,

signature of Tanya von Zychlinsky


PS To help people prosper and co-create a NEW REALITY through my mentorship & magical storytelling, participants may be immersed in higher power and IMAGINATION before we streamline and strategize, blending our brainpower with all our creative and intuitive gifts. Donations are welcome. Thank You.

Or, if creating a NEW REALITY by working with me is for you too, you could find out more here,



Poetry Powers Prosperity – Creating a NEW REALITY (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved incl. site contents.


As the Energy of Infinity Poetry Powers Prosperity


Disclaimer:  While I offer this writing and my creative life style expertise as entertainment and inspiration for you, please, consider it as a resource, not as medical or psychological advice. If that’s what you’d be interested in, I recommend you find the right for you professional to work with. My inspiration is here to enrich your own wisdom, to support you as the sovereign being to make your own informed choices for your life. I am sharing to celebrate LIFE with you, and the poetry of your being here.


“Young children are wonderfully confident in their own imaginations.
Most of us lose this confidence as we grow up.”

― Sir Ken Robinson


Here’s to our imagination and strong-willed gentleness, celebrating our creative consciousness!
Leave a comment below, your sharing may inspire us all.
—  ox Tanya von Zychlinsky  😀

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