Creating NEW Reality

Painted Planet w leaves Creating NEW Reality

Creating NEW Reality

 11-11-11  Prosperity Portal

Isn’t it time for us to be Creating NEW Reality? This is an auspicious day and month – and even an 11 year, when you add it up! No wonder that I felt nudged to write two adjoined articles today (1 + 1) linked like two rooms when friends vacation together and want to feel connected but have their own sacred space of privacy as well. For each to shine as well as recline. The number 11 looks like they’re raising their arms in JOY and welcoming LIFE at the same time. Feeling connected with lots to remember.

Dream. Imagine. Accept. Surrender.

You can now powerfully dream, imagine, and surrender to that stirring inside you, your own magical creative Spirit taking you to new heights. You and every single one of us counts.


Inspiration —  Life itself!  — carries you on wings of unseen poetic powers as it moves you and transmits through you as you emerge in a whole new way.

Let’s get that party started, with YOU as the special guest. Nothing can get more exhilarating than living each moment like it’s a lucky streak waiting to be had if you would only pay attention to that stream of synchronicity. Watch for it!

Your extra-sensory perception is more refined and you expand beyond what you thought possible. You’re no longer who you used to be  –  nor who you thought you would become. You’re all NEW. 


Your very energy can touch others deeply as you allow people closer now that a beautiful state of acceptance and aliveness is taking the lead. Living laughing leading loving (through) you as you.


You have set yourself free.

Creation and Emanation

Isn’t it time for us to be creatingNEW Reality? Here’s to a better more beautiful world as inspired by Life itself right straight through for you. What we focus on, expands. What we’re immersed in, surrounded by, and filled with, is what we emanate and create. And, what we create, creates us and our world – our reality:

Dreamers Direct Divine Design.

Heaven on Earth is what WE make it. Be it Love Letters of Spirit in cell-ebration of Life as POETRY. Or spring-cleaning our home and life, cooking or crafting something, enjoying each other’s company  —  or dreaming energy into reality.


There’s so much more to be said about this topic, and this is just a glimpse. So for now, I want you to just do ONE thing – to celebrate the amazing-ness of YOU!

because you yourself are also a PROSPERITY PORTAL.

A hallway of transformation and transmission,
for relating and creating – and recreating.

And celebrating!


There are so many miracles waiting to unfold for you!
And through you for others, too.

Love and lively leadership,

Big grateful grin for your being here,


PS Creating NEW Reality is my forte, so it’s just the beginning.

PPS If you haven’t yet, please subscribe up to the right or leave a comment below, your insight might inspire others. What are Your tools for Creating NEW Reality, in your own life, and in the bigger picture?

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  1. Divine Beauty❣️
    I am loving your creative expressions! A friend of mine shared with me about you! Kindred Spirits we are! I love your high frequency❣️I am also in the healing arts and creative arts and crafts as well!I love to play, create and have fun!

    1. Hi Terrell, Thank you so much for your passionate comment, I love it. So great that you can feel the high frequency, fellow artistic soul. Due to a tech issue, my initial instant response to your comment went via email. So, here’s your appropriate response via this comment thread. I took the liberty to edit your friend’s name out, so as to honour his privacy, if that’s ok. Much love and many blessings, Terrell. 😀

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