Essential in Essence

compassionate happy man hugging big tree

When we hug a tree, we really are embracing our own true nature, our higher biology. Earth isn’t ‘just’ our Mother. Earth is our BODY biology, and we as humans are some of her cells, we are her, she is us. So whatever we do to her, we do to us, whatever we do for her, we do for us and vice versa.

So, when YOU take care of your health and well-being, you take care of that part of Earth’s well-being, when you neglect yourself, you neglect that part of Earth. Pretty cool, right? So, immersing yourself in beauty and joyous Creation is essential. Within the gamut of human emotion, what’s your default setting to return to? That nourishing power of gentleness and blissful VIBRANCY: Earth’s creatures, like our animal family, fungal colonies and mycelium networks, plant- and tree beings, you, all of us, the Seen and Unseen… Life is poetry – and poetry powers prosperity!

Essential in Essence

Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com Creating a NEW Reality (c) by and with Tanya von Zychlinsky 22 April 2020

You are the living word –
Abundance is that energy
that you’re a living part of.

Life is Poetry – also as you!
One of a gazillion of unique extensions
Of the One Love,
I am right here in the midst of You.

Your Heart.

Living loving leading lives
Starting with your very own,
Blessed bees from many hives,
More will soon be shown.

As Her Majesty, Beloved Essence,
Wears Her robe of the Unknown,
What you reaped, you harvested,
Yet all new seeds will now be sown!

… need not wait for too much longer,
Blessed Bee, behold,
humanity-on-pause gets stronger
as a whole NEW STORY of NEW EARTH
is ready to unfold.

… not just the old retold.

Collective creative acceleration
Each cell in lock-down faced with self,
The little ‘s’ got stuck on keyboard,
So it found its higher ‘elf 🙂

Higher ‘elf wants to emerge,
finally done with playing small.
The world now steeped in what’s essential,
Life’s True Essence standing tall!

Beloved, yes you (!), my Sweets,
Do you hear my calling?
All you need to do is LOVE YOU –
And lift the ones who’re falling.

Just let your human mini mind
Be tickled and boggled and gently blown.
Take its anxious hand in yours, Elf,
To live the adventure of the Yet-To-Exist

… and the deliciously Unknown!

New dream seeds and New Worlds of WONDER
To be allowed to sprout
As Poetry Powers Prosperity
To love your soul out loud!

Living loving leading lives
Starting with your very own,
Blessed bees from many hives,
More will soon be shown.

May you feel good and prosper,

Tanya  ox

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Poetry Powers Prosperity Creating a New Reality – for, Everything is Energy.

Love is here for all of us.
It’s inside. We are that.

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE information

with all my art


Tanya von Zychlinsky

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‘Essential in Essence’ – Creating a NEW Reality – as Poetry Powers Prosperity
(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved incl. site contents

The Beyond Poetry is the Essence of Infinity Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

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Everything is energy
creating a NEW REALITY

“The Golden Key: That magical moment when my little ‘s’ got stuck, and I found my higher ‘elf’!” – Tanya von Zychlinsky

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