Pregnant Lucy in front of Pregnant Earth Painting

“Wow, Pregnant Earth, she is amazing – I can’t stop staring at her! She is everything that I saw the first time, even more, a pivotal time in my life, a change, a New time. She just fits in my world, was meant to be for the last nine yrs; she just as you say lit me up… before then, I just felt inside an empty space, she’s filled me up cradling my world, keeping it all together – the softness in her face reassures me All is well. Thank you x”  AJ UK

” Pregnant Earth has been the pivotal point in my life and I draw from her beauty and comfort often ! ”   Andrew UK

Who Else Wants To Be a Guardian of Pregnant Earth?

Your purchase is a multi-faceted contribution, with it you can…

  • elevate your home and environment
  • bring lasting blessings to you and your loved ones – see testimonials above, an invaluable gift
  • increase well-being in healing spaces and public places
  • embellish offices, mastermind- and conference rooms, or galleries
  • raise awareness about the preciousness of our Pregnant Earth
  • add new perspective and meaning
  • support Tanya as Artist and Poet for Peace who with her Visionary quality to see the highest potential in people, projects, and society continues to inspire and create for a better more beautiful we-world
  • Help bring big smiles to fun-filled faces. Enjoy! Please, leave this window open to return to, after payment is made, so you can read your next steps and email us your delivery address (see details below). Thank You, ox

All Sorted?

Here Are Your Next Steps:

  1. After payment and returning to this page, please email us your delivery address and requirements here stating in the subject line: Guardian of Pregnant Earth Giclée. Thank you.
  2. Then, we’ll have your giclée printed with great care and archive quality materials and inks by our specialist printer.
  3. Printing and delivery time depend on printer availability and where you live. Each giclée will be printed on demand: 76 cm x 101.5 cm x 5 cm gallery wrap added. Same size as original works best for the motif. Sizes may vary depending on wooden stretcher bars and stretching.
  4. Delivery: Your giclée will be sent out in a roll which keeps delivery and material costs at a minimum for you.
  5. Once received, you may choose a framer in your area who is an expert at stretching canvases – and perhaps double-check with us before proceeding what the framer said they intend to do, so we can be sure it’s the right fit and procedure (absolutely no ‘laminating’ it, by example!). Note: Stretching at the framer on your end is not included in your investment into your Pregnant Earth Giclée. It does include printing process and material plus delivery and artist contribution.

Giclée, Scanning, Mastering, Certificate of Authenticity

Giclée is French for ‘sprayed’
It describes a Fine Art Digital Inkjet Printing Process combining pigment based inks sprayed onto museum quality archival paper or canvas to achieve supreme quality, lightfastness, and stability.

ArtSure and Certificate of Authenticity
John prints exclusively for artists (colour connoisseurs :D) and is ArtSure approved, an online register for fine art prints that meet the Fine Art Trade Guild’s highest standards of fine art printing. So, your best quality is guaranteed. And you get a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Can You Explain Scanning and Mastering?
Here’s what the master (printer) says 😀 “This is where our skill and years of experience come in, to capture the spirit of the artwork, and produce the closest match to your (the artist’s) original. Mastering is a method of digitally ‘fine-tuning’ the print (after it has been scanned). The scanning is done directly from the art piece (canvas or paper) at very high sample rate/resolution, to capture the maximum detail and colour information, but the most critical process is the mastering. A photograph of the art cannot capture the same resolution, but can be a close second option to scanning from the original art, where needed.”

Little Behind The Scenes

The initial scanning and mastering of my first 15 paintings was an intricate process that I was present at, since the canvases are quite big and I was looking for a printer who cares about them and the environment. For an artist to entrust their artwork to someone else is an act of utter trust. Deep breath, let go, knowing that releasing what’s not serving you allows CREATIVE SPIRIT through. It inspires us – to share with the world. Can you relate? My rental car whistled a sunny tune as it took me and my daughter (who’d study for her then upcoming GCSE’s) and my 15 paintings over hillsides to this amazing-sounding printer’s in Wales (who has moved to Devon since). Yes, taking a photo of each canvas would have been easier, but scanning and mastering it directly from the original makes the quality supreme!

So, I learned how it’s done and was on location to discuss colour and hue adjustment to match the originals, which he usually does alone, it’s his mastery. Since we both were working with such focus the location as well as all that we were doing felt like a sacred act of implementation of my creation, anchoring what once was but an idea and a figment of my imagination. It was fascinating to watch it all come together, and I could feel the heightened special presence in the room. Oh, and I like the colours of the giclée even better — a whisper brighter — than my original, but that’s only visible to me, in comparison. Having been part of this process increased my deep gratitude and appreciation immensely:

– for our generous Creative Spirit of Love. Life is POETRY
– for the very high quality of the outcome
– for the printer’s dedication and supportive loyal attitude

My awareness of what collaboration can do for all of us, deepened.

John worked through 4 (!!) days and nights initially to ensure that I could directly take my 15 originals and the first printed proofs back home with me, saving me the hassle of extra time and a second return trip including all extra costs to pick them all up at a later time, so I could instead generate more in my studio. Who still goes that extra mile? That’s beyond fantastic customer service. Call it passionate devotion and being a compassionate noble human being who knows I’d do the same for him, if that was me, and to whom also true values count as much! Forever grateful, John! So worth it!

That’s the sheer beauty of human hearts – we have an innate desire to lift each other up (unless conditioned otherwise) and we do have each other’s back! We just need to remember more often to also love, nourish, and support ourselves and to pace ourselves in this our precious life so we can last, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

So, you’re receiving a PEACE of the fabric of loving humanity in collaboration with all that went into it. All made with great LOVE and craftsmanship — and communication — every step along the way. Enjoy!

Healing Art Peaces as Painted Prayers

“Tanya’s art and poetry and deep wisdom flows through her freely in a meditative state in her Art House in Cornwall, UK (currently) with pure love and intention for blessings and prosperity, so that Grace may keep emanating into your world and all be blessed who come in touch with her Pregnant Earth or other Healing Art Peaces as Painted Prayers.”

Welcome home, Guardian!

Let miracles abound for You, through you – and for Earth. I hope that you will keep us posted as to the beauty of what unfolds for you.

Well-being comes from being the WELL 🙂

☆✩ My Best, Tanya ✩☆

Image at the very TOP:
(c) photo/art Tanya von Zychlinsky – Art Poet and Visionary – dreamed out loud:” Wouldn’t it be so fun to have a pregnant woman in front of my Pregnant Earth for a photo?!” … and in walks pregnant Lucy (=Light).

Art and Poetry 'Pregnant Earth' both original Poetry Recital by author artist (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky standing in front of her Art in Exhibition
Art ‘Pregnant Earth’ and Poetry – both originals by (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky, Poetry Recital and Exhibition at the Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange in Penzance, Cornwall, UK. 1 Feb 2019 www.PoetryPowersProsperity.com