“Gratitude is the natural state of a generous heart. It’s your magic carpet.”
— Tanya von Zychlinsky

Being grateful, you practice focusing on the abundance of beauty and blessings already in your life, rather than on the absence of what brings you joy. Even if temporarily you can’t feel ‘total joy’ right now, you can still feel grateful for the kindness of the people who love you. Or, that you’re receiving a gift, right here, right now.

Gratitude is like choosing glasses that show you the GOOD LIFE things, instead of what’s not working and focusing on ‘lack’ or ‘limitation’. Gradually, but securely, being grateful will help you feel better and better – and with that lighten your mood daily, lifting your energy – and adding your light to the energetic field within and around you.

To love your heart even more, I have prepared a Gratitude Guide as a PDF to download for free as my gift to you. ♡ of course, donations are always welcome ♡ You may already be a master of appreciation and thankfulness , then you may smile and nod in agreement, passing it on to a loved one with wishes of wonder?
Here’s to a World of Grateful Hearts. Enjoy!