We are one – our time has come

I AM mEternity. Each one of us a CELL of our New Earth Body Poetry Powers Prosperity (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky
Painting ‘Pregnant Earth’ (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky – Art Poet for Peace & Visionary, Spiritual Teacher & Creative Leader www.PoetryPowersProsperity.com

Every Body and Every Colour Skin

© by Tanya von Zychlinsky 2017 PoetryPowersProsperity.com

Whether wonderfully rounded
big – or small – or thin
I am Love in every form
and every colour skin 

I am the Life within you
I am the Truth you feel
I am the Way you’re walking
I am your Appeal 

You are a part of ALL of Me
are my beloved instrument
Nothing to do but joyfully be
My Sweet One, you’re magnificent 

I love your gorgeous colour skin
wipe your feet with My own hair
Am happy seeing Me in you
For you I truly care 

This beautiful diversity
my favourites are all
every body magnificent
Beloved, hear my call 

I look at you … and see Myself
the beauty of variety
Such splendour in Love-filled Creation
inspired by Infinity

We are all one – do you recall?
Just give me your admission
No one better – I love you all
trust in true transmission 

Variety. Diversity.
A precious flower everyone
Please honour your Divinity
We are one – our time has come


I look at you and see but light
in every little teeny bone
You are unique – a treasure
a vibratory tone 

We recognise Divinity
Love cherishing each other
Just remember: We are ONE
are sister, lover, brother 

Every body is holy
in every colour skin
Each and every life form
an expression of one kin 

Every path is sacred
honour each other’s walk
many ways lead home
through love in deed and talk 

Living in formation
witness delight into matter
the more you appreciate
the faster it gets better 

I am your Innate Wisdom
The Life that’s living you
Listen to what feels good
and act on what rings true 

I am your Innate Wonderment
not judging – but blessing – all
every time you get stuck in your mind
you cause yourself to fall 

Remember, Sweetest Darling,
Love is here to nourish you
so move it by loving Yourself
and the other

because the other …

 is  Y O U.

I am just another aspect of You,

delivering inspiration and guidance,

because You matter – and when YOU are lit up,

You light up the world!

Consciousness speaking to consciousness

with LOVE in formation,


Tanya von Zychlinsky

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