Kiss Yourself Awake!

The grinning frog prince or princess as well symbolizes the invitation to the reader and listener to 'Kiss Yourself Awake!'

Don’t wait for someone else to kiss you awake – KISS YOURSELF.

Still in a haze, or wide awake? Welcome to the family!
The world now needs all POETS OF LIFE, because thoughts and words and FEELINGS — and all we hear and SEE — creates us, our environment, and our NEW Reality. So BE who you came to be as Your Poetry Powers Prosperity, embody your Language of Abundance with soul-soaring vibrancy.
— Tanya von Zychlinsky

I am that I am – so let your Spirit be. FREE!

For Dreamers and Visionaries — and every creative Heartist at PLAY! —
For each writer, singer, actor, designer with something wonderful to say.

Loving global family creating long-awaited shifts.
All architects of time and LOVE,
All creatures of childlike awe and WONDER,
Dreamers and those who lost their dreams
Await your god-given gifts.

Permission granted!

(Just in case you’re waiting for permission, teehee.)

Grace shares through us, we’re each a personal receiver of Spirit right straight through, in creative and intuitive expression, IF we allow it. Allowing it, circulates the Energy of Plenty, the Grace that inspired that poetic peace to inspire you — and others through you — as it blesses all it touches. Their longing may have inspired your sharing.

Your Voice of Love can lift and save lives!

Did you know that your unique personal story can connect with hearts around the world as they recognise themselves in you and no longer feel alone, perhaps? Freeing yourself opens doors where there were none before, so freeing yourself frees others too. Your life sets an example for those around you, either way. Will you withhold what’s been given to you to share with others to nourish them? Wouldn’t it be so cool, if they felt loved, inspired, and uplifted, perhaps tickled into trying out new things, just for the pleasure of it, or taking a peek through your lens, see what you see, hear what you hear? Let me entertain you and cheer you on:

I see You!
I hear you!
I love you!

Kiss Yourself Awake!

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky 17 Sept 2020

Big grin, cheeky cheer, attitude of gratitude.
Fed up with eating flies for lunch.
Prefer a higher altitude?

What if all this time, Beloved,
you thought you were a feisty frog?
“ribbet-y-croak, who gave me my cloak?
Now I quantum leap beyond the clock.

Inside, a Marvel of Majesty.
This life of flies was never me,
Just something I was taught to see,
A person that I learned to be.

See, all this time, my higher being,
was a voice of visions and vibrancy,
inspired by Infinity, designed by our Divinity,
A Sea of Abundance and Blossoming Being.

— an extension of Source Energy

bubbling blessed Life itself,
bundled as you and the Earth and me.

ABUNDANCE is an energy that I am a living part of.
TRUE LOVE & HEALTH the essence that I am at the heart of.

Today’s a WHOLE NEW LIFE that I am at the start of.

Just played small for a while, now as big as my smile,
With all this talk of distancing,
Have opened up my heart to love
To go the extra mile.

Everything is energy – so energy is everything!
Prosper Poet, Soulful Singer, Wonder Writer,
Blessings bring.

Do you hear the WAKE UP CALL?

Awaken, Love, and ask yourself:
What if till now this wasn’t me?
played mini-me – not Higher ‘elf 😀

when our very breath is Life –
LovePower of Eternal Wealth.

I kiss myself awake and see
That there’s so much more to living!
Oh, all that possibility
Rich receiving and generous giving.

Which role comes next?



And so Life is
in love with You

Kiss Yourself Awake!

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Don’t wait for someone else to kiss you awake – KISS YOURSELF.
I marvel at your majesty, for within you lives the Mystery. ”
– Tanya von Zychlinsky

The grinning frog prince or princess as well symbolizes the invitation to the reader and listener to 'Kiss Yourself Awake!'

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(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved, all site contents
– Creating a NEW Reality – as Poetry Powers

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