We all love to win something. And we all love to support each other. So, I thought: Wouldn’t it be so FUN to create win:win opportunities that allow you to support me to support the many by WINNING something?

And so that’s exactly what I am offering today.

That way you can even get the advantage of a gift to yourself (or others as a gift) that might otherwise not be in the budget right now. I have 4 different tiers for you. Check this out: On the left side you’ll see the donation amount, on the right side what you could win for it… and the chances are very good as in very likely:

  1.  £ 10                                 a poetic surprise  (priceless)
  2.  £ 20                                 a personalised poetic surprise (priceless)
  3. £100                                 a mentoring session (value £500)
  4. £500 and higher        a 2-months-mentoring* as described here (value £1,777)

    For each of these, you’d make a donation below and then email me with your first name, letting me know you donated and which tier, so that I can come up with your surprise accordingly. Sound good? Until further notice, everyone may win  😀

    *Best read the 2-months-mentoring to see whether it’s for you. If you’re ready to write the first chapter of your new Life’s MOVIE, it is. If not, we’ll custom-design your own, which we do anyway.

    These options stand as long as the slots are free and until my schedules change, at which point, I may withdraw the offer, but all those who donated until then will remain eligible. You must be over 18.

Your generous spirit can help me help people prosper

If you wish to support my helping people prosper and co-create a NEW REALITY through my WONDER WORK using mentorship & magical storytelling in alignment with our higher power and my other skills, gifts, and talents to tickle out those in others. You could just click to donate here. You may be a LUCKY WINNER of a poetic surprise or mentorship. Thank You so much. I celebrate You, with blessings and a big smile from Tanya ox

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