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An outpouring of pure Spirit. Immersed in joyous Creation. Independent. Innovative. Imaginative.

When I was little, people often asked me this typical question:

“So… what do You want to be when you grow up?”
“I will write a book!”
“Really?? What about??”
“I don’t know. I will know then.”

I published my first book, a volume of poetry, but this is different, it has a life of its own,  feisty and funny, full of ideas, lively, yet shy to reveal itself fully. Like a person. It’s a discovery ride. How fun!

As the story grows the story grows You!

It’s as much about what the story is becoming as it is about who You are becoming in the process. Poetic higher power driving spirited story. While your impatient human mind is trying to squeeze all into a structure, it keeps you – and the story – in limitation.

Until you surrender to the Source of Inspiration, the Well of Being,
trusting that the Highest within you has a plan.

Tanya as little girl in a white dress jumping through colourful imagination and stars, called There's no stopping you when you believe, copyrights by Tanya von ZychlinskySo, whether you write a book, make a movie, create anything new straight through, allow yourself to just pay attention and be curious. Trusting the process. Listening to the messages within you and around you (with discernment!), not ‘willing it’ to be a ‘successful product or project’.  There’s no stopping you when you believe! “Wouldn’t it be so cool, if…?” Just imagine, if your biggest most treasured dream became real. What is it?? See yourself inside your dream, take steps within it, like wading deeper into the ocean, into the heart of You (!). Can’t do it ‘wrong’: It’s YOUR dream, your Life’s Movie, YOU decide what happens inside it. So playing at Life, not pushing it, Your future self reels you in  😀

Be outstanding. Standing out, you fit in.
— Tanya von Zychlinsky


I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE in formation

with all my art


Tanya von Zychlinsky

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