Poetic Mermaid - Who needs normal when you can have live a poetic and magical life

Back to norm-all? Never.
Who needs normal, when you can have a magical
and truly divine POETIC LIFE?

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

Yes, I love helping people
Co-Create a NEW Reality, and…


Each one can be a truly meaning-full gift of LOVE to be treasured for a long time. For any LOVE-FILLED DAY (holiday or not) as a personal Gift of LOVE for any occasion 💕 also to comfort someone’s heart.

My words are Love Letters of Spirit right straight through for you. And, did you know that when you read or remember your favourite poem that it registers in the area of the brain where MUSIC lives, not ‘literature’?

That’s because when the melody and timbre
of true poetry resonates with your soul, it IS music!

Here are two stories to show what I mean, so grab a tea and enjoy. Or, if you’d rather get to the details of how to get Your own personalised PROSPER POEM, then just hop over Story 1 and Story 2 to where it says: Your Prosper Poem – How this works. And read on there.

Why PROSPER POEM? To me, POETRY is Life itself in blossoming beauty, its perfume is PEACE, the essence of True Unconditional LOVE right straight through. This elevated energy lifts and expands you as an energetic being and the energetic field that you live within, which is why POETRY POWERS PROSPERITY CREATING A NEW REALITY. Imagine Divine Life Essence in formation, a heavenly hug for your heart and higher being.


On one occasion, I wrote a personal poem for a couple who had just lost their son and were grieving. I had met them when they were renting the B&B right next door to where I live, to be closer to their son. When I returned home from a beach walk that evening, I greeted them cheerfully as they were sipping their tea on the terrace in the warm evening sun, and we got into talking. Soon they told me about their sad reason for being there: Their son being in hospice care close by. I had lost loved ones, too, so I could relate and somehow found the right words, which lifted their spirits.

They felt truly held – and asked whether I would love to meet up next time again. And we did!

So, on one of our many culinary comfort nights over the years that followed their son’s transition out of his body, I wrote a poem for them in the voice of his soul, which in itself felt like a song and had a bit of a rap rhythm to it, like many of my poems do, musical indeed. I often get asked ‘Have you thought about putting this to music?’ And I have. It’s on my list.

So, I read it out loud to all three of them since their other son was present this time, too. I had been told that he has no filter, and, indeed, he spoke his mind honestly right away, sharing that he had reservations because in his opinion ‘a really good poem doesn’t need to lean on rhyme’, which he proudly lectured me about, because mine did have that lyrical dance of a lullaby structure, perfect for this occasion. Ah, a connoisseur? How beautiful!

Teehee, but he took that back after my words landed softly in his soul –
and he admitted that maybe that’s not so in all cases

… and that sometimes a certain rhythm can give your being orientation and structure – well, and comfort. Or gentle guidance, like the riverbed holds the river, so it can flow freely, gently or passionately, yet still move forward.

“Your poetry is quite deep, yet light,” he said, “something otherworldly about how you use your words, or maybe it’s your blend of accents, or the energy in your voice?” He looked at me, wondering. Well, it’s OK to not know, I reassured him. Actually, that’s a really good place to be, because then you keep the channel open in either direction: You’re allowing newness in – and also from the inside through, when the head doesn’t ‘inter-fear’. A clear passage for LOVE and higher mind. 💕

He and his parents loved their personal poem so much. They told me that whenever they feel sad, they’re each getting out their own copy to read it, or sometimes just hold it to their hearts – and it helps them feel better! – as if Tim is with them in the wonders of the words. So, they asked me a few months later whether I’d be OK, if they used one or two of the verses of the poem to put onto the memorial slate for their firstborn son, to put into their garden. To remember him by as well as commemorate the many wonder-filled quality times we had spent together, cooking, in memoriam, turning back on deLight. This touched me deeply – and I felt privileged that they treasured my poetic expression of love for them that much, because it shows that…

“words can be their own Angels of Comfort,
especially when they’re inspired through the heart,
not ‘thought up in the head’ or ‘constructed’,…

… but composed like a symphony straight from the Spirit of LOVE,
each tone kissing the rare beauty of your unique soul.”

— Tanya von Zychlinsky


Like Sheri said, one of the participants of a spiritual circle where I shared two of my other poems that were specifically composed for the essence of the evening as it came through when I put pen to paper:

“Your poems are like the song that my soul SO longed to hear, only I didn’t know it, until I heard your voice.”

She and another sweet lady had come up to me after the circle was over, both independent from one another, and asked whether there was any chance at all that I could please possibly turn these poems into something tangible as gifts for their husbands. It was already the end of November that year, but somehow, miraculously, we DID it!

In two separate streams of synchronicity (one for each lady), we met several times, I put the words to both poems into sunset imagery (photos of a glowing Mounts Bay evening that I had taken from my window). For some reason, for this specific project, I felt guided to use sunset photos, which I didn’t know had a very special meaning for both. Now, with design and setting of the words done, we needed to find a miracle-way to have it all printed (and then framed!) just in time to be ready as a Christmas gift for their husbands. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, everyone would have waived it off as ‘impossible’.

But, there’s no stopping you, when you believe!

To be able to pull this off, I emailed the PNGs – as an exception! – to my parents’ and brother’s printing company in Germany (!), because I knew that they’re fast and produce amazing quality. And I didn’t need to explain too much. We’re family, we help each other out. Though it was already 22:00 pm, they printed and shipped it back to me into the UK the next day! Because they too wanted us to be able to make this happen! That’s collaboration at its finest! They were supportive of my poetry in my photography as well as of these women’s dreams. As soon as the courier arrived, ladies on standby, we had a meeting where I presented the PRIME printed PROSPER POEMS, making sure no hubbies were around for a sneaky peek, it was meant as a surprise, after all. Their beaming faces were our reward.

You can certainly appreciate why I am offering the writing and designing and creating of the PNG (or JPG or PDF) and leave the printing and framing up to you in this offer. In my story, my family and I were the ones who paid the most, but as a pioneer project and in service to happy hubbies and wonder women, it was worth it. Otherwise, I’d have to ask for gallery pricing rather than the suggested donation (see below). I would have to include in the price printing, framing, and shipping and all transport/shipping to/from printer and framer and you.

Chocolate Chocolate Love-Hearts magenta plate

Your Prosper Poem – How this works:

  • You love the idea of your very own personalised PROSPER POEM, a one of a kind Gift of Love.
  • You love to donate to good causes and people with good hearts who work for a better more beautiful world!

And you get BOTH here!

This is only ONE way to support our mutual vision 💕

“Back to norm-all? Never. Who needs normal, when you can have — or gift! — a magical and divine POETIC LIFE?” Get your PROSPER POEM, custom-composed for You 🙂

  1. After you’ve shown your commitment and made a Suggested Donation of £100 or more, includes composing the poem and creating your design, embedding the words into an image to match it, with a whole lot of LOVE in formation. The successful donation payment will show in my inbox.
  2. Then, please, email me with your relevant request here, subject line PROSPER POEM, and we’ll discuss all details, like who it is for, their first name, and 3-5 words or lines that that describe them or you (if it’s for you). What’s the occasion? (True Love bond, marriage, birth, death, rebirth, birthday).
  3. Your PROSPER POEM will then be emailed to you in digital form (PNG, JPG, or PDF, whatever works best), which you can use as a screen saver on your desktop or laptop or as you please. What better way to bring a smile to your day. Or theirs.

Can’t wait to get started on creating your personalised PROSPER POEM for yourself or your special person. That will be so much FUN. I love spreading LOVE that way, you too? Then, click the image below to make your donation and then email me, see no. 2 above 🙂

Blessings and big smiles,
Tanya ox

PS If there’s not enough time to have it done before the holidays, you can give them a GIFT CERTIFICATE – and they receive it in the New Year or other special day. Enjoy!

Printed PROSPER POEM: You could choose to take that PNG or JPG and have it printed on canvas or paper. This would be between you and the printing company of your choosing as a separate step. They will tell you what works best for their system. If you have a PNG and they want a JPG instead, or if you have any relevant questions, no problem. Just get in touch here – subject line: Prosper Poem Assistance – and I’ll help.

PPS Let Your Dreamer Direct the Doing. Let’s Create that NEW Reality. Grace may have guided you to get in touch

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