A painting of pregnant Earth Healing Art by Tanya von Zychlinsky called mEternity Each one of us a CELL of Our New Earth Body

Poetry in mEternity

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky www.poetrypowersprosperity.com


Immersed in joyous co-Creation

A playground for a colourful life

Manifesting from within

Where timespace gives us all high five


Everything is energy

Intelligence informs for FUN

Childlike innocence and wonder

After all is said and done


Consciousness speaks to Consciousness

Tickling you awake with JOY

“This is OUR DREAM, Beloved,

What you have learned, employ!”


Contractions in our world we see

Beloved Mother in new making

Our Earth in Her mEternity

Time now for giving – rather than taking


“Living loving leadership

Blessed are my offspring all

Each one of You a mothership

Wake up, dear Love, this is YOUR CALL


Each one of YOU a cell of ALL.


Living loving cell-ebration

This is a whole New Energy

Galactic light-filled liberation

Inspired by Infinity.


You’re ALL that part of Me, you see.”


And so Love is
in Love with you!

The world awaits your dream come true

☆✩ Tanya ✩☆

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE in formation

with all my art


signature of Tanya von Zychlinsky


As the Ocean of Infinity Poetry Powers Prosperity

PS If you’d love to share, please leave the page intact to maintain its integrity and credit the author. Thank You ox

copyrights (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved 2017


“If you want to know the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla.

“This also is true for Earth and all beings – including yourself.”
—  Tanya von Zychinsky

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