Art and Poetry 'Pregnant Earth' both original Poetry Recital by author artist (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky standing in front of her Art in Exhibition

Above: Tanya von Zychlinsky — Art Poet for Peace and Visionary — giving a Poetry Recital of her own poetry in front of her original Art on Canvas, Pregnant Earth, at the Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, in Penzance, Cornwall, UK (photo courtesy Kathy Hall of the gallery. Thank You!).

Pregnant Lucy in front of Pregnant Earth Painting
(c) photo/art Tanya von Zychlinsky at Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, Pz, Cornwall, UK w pregnant Lucy Thank you all 🙂

To start off strong in January 2019, I participated in an online 30-Day-Yoga-Journey – Dedicate – to build new healthy habits and haven’t stopped since (Find what feels so good, right, Adriene and Benji?). A perfect base also for getting out there again to share my poetic soul-expression, this time the poem “Every Body and Every Colour Skin” (see text here) at Opening Night, 1 Feb 2019, which went so well with my painting of Pregnant Earth and embraced the other artist’s pieces, too. This was a gentle recital, a new experience, aligned with the intimate yet spacious setting of the gallery space. A stunning and surprisingly contemporary presence among all the ancient Celtic history here in Cornwall. I’ve been volunteering here since September 2017 and we were all delighted about the high quality of art works that had been submitted for entry to the Volunteers Exhibition. Pregnant Earth was one of the chosen ones.

Heaven on Earth is what WE make it (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

At performances, audiences experienced a full immersion of sound and senses, very different from ‘just’ reading out loud. At the many spiritual gatherings, people loved the whiff of otherworldly poetic fragrance (on Kaua’i, Hawaii, and Cornwall, UK) where they asked for prints, books, or audios, and shared what touched their soul:

“Your Poetry feels like a song that my soul so longed to hear, only I didn’t know it, until I heard your voice.” — Sheri, Cornwall, UK

“You found me!” Siobhan, Scotland

Love You, Earth!

Photo of painting 'Pregnant Earth' (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky Art Poet of Life
‘Pregnant Earth’ (c) Art by Tanya von Zychlinsky. Museum quality giclées available

So, yoga: We kept cheering each other on – our wins and shifts – in our online community. One of my mutual cheering-on friends, AJ (you’re the best!), asked to see photos of our exhibition and fell in love with Pregnant Earth, treating himself to his own giclée on canvas (same size as original, 75 x 99 cm, plus 5 cm gallery wrap). Here’s an excerpt of his words right after he hung it:

“Wow, Pregnant Earth, she is amazing – I can’t stop staring at her! She is everything that I saw the first time, even more, a pivotal time in my life, a change, a New time. She just fits in my world, was meant to be for the last nine yrs; she just as you say lit me up. Before then, I just felt inside an empty space, she’s filled me up cradling my world, keeping it all together – the softness in her face reassures me All is well. Thank you x” AJ UK

Serendipity. I painted her 9 years ago as Healing Art for this time now – and AJ wrote:”… was meant to be for the last nine yrs;…” and during that whole time she was in my studio only for loved ones to see. So many people could have received blessings since as she continues to emanate the Love that created her — free-flowing.

Note: Giclée, French for ‘sprayed’, describes a fine art digital inkjet printing process combining pigment based inks sprayed onto museum quality archival paper or canvas to achieve supreme quality, light fastness, and stability. Pregnant Earth is printed on superior Hahnemuehle canvas.

What We Create, Emanates

For You, I am creating Painted Prayers with brushes or words letting the Voice of Love speak through me to keep pouring that LOVE into our world, one precious person, inspired poetic life style, and elevated environment at a time: Creative Spirit of Truth in forms, so very needed at this time. May my playful peaces inspire you to show up on the page, canvas, screen, keys, wherever you feel guided, and just be curious, let it flow freely — PLAY, like the cosmic creative child that You are! I could always hear, see, feel, sense energies and thought everyone could as we move it all the time, with every thought, word, action, creation, immersion, each movement or dance. Well, we all can, and the more sensitive we allow ourselves to be (again), the easier it is to access it! A very dense energy, by example, sounds to me like a low unpleasant humming sound. While a JOY-filled swirl or creation lifts everything and everyone.

Little girl open arms catching the stars. Putting Your SELF & EXPRESSION out there will yield HUGE REWARDS uploaded by Tanya von Zychinsky
(c) quote by Tanya von Zychlinsky; my favourite image courtesy Gyani. Thank You 🙂

Guardians of Pregnant Earth

I always felt to be the guardian of the original painting. Following my inner wise voice, I had the whole painting (15 different ones) scanned, mastered, and one each printed on canvas to see the end result. Using a photo would have been much easier and less cost-intensive but of lesser quality which wasn’t good enough for my guardians. Now the giclée is of supreme quality and I know that it’s the best I can offer, and I know quality when I see it, from my days as account director in advertising agencies in Germany as well as growing up with parents who founded their own company from scratch when I was 2 months old. I always see all sides of the equation and aim to find a win:win:win solution that everyone is thrilled with.

Imagine, every giclée owner and I are a Guardian of Pregnant Earth!Painting her has helped me see so clearly, that we truly are each a cell of our New Earth body and we’re each uniquely designed to be exactly who we are with our individual likes and dislikes, passions and powers, and when we’re living that, we’re of the biggest contribution to the whole. When we’re buying into false beliefs of ‘separation’ and because of that are fighting each other, we’re fighting our own biology (!), behaving like a dis-ease. That’s one of the biggest benefits of my painting Pregnant Earth, it makes it so undeniably VISIBLE!

Somehow we have bought into the belief that we’re the end all be all, that outside of our outer skin, things just are no longer connected or contributing to the circulation and cell-ebration of everything. But that doesn’t make sense to me. When I switched away from the commerce-orientation in one of my career paths – account director in classical advertising – I was looking for more meaning and started a high-caliber health practitioner education, incl. states exam. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to have a practice because I had the travel bug, but what I learned, I can apply in so many other ways, in my art, my poetry, and my understanding of our humanity and our biology. Studying anatomy made my art better, too. So, if it is true that our microcosm is like our macrocosm. As above so below, as within so without, then, think about it…

Inside a body cell are tiny organelles, moving about, creating energy, movement, electrical impulses, connection, permeating, dividing, growing, collaborating. Cells divide and renew themselves and cell clusters combine to organs like skin/tissue, heart, liver, kidneys, and structures like bones, and systems. The cells in the different organs have to ideally work properly within themselves – and together! – for the body to continue to be well and healthy and thriving, to make life possible for the entire body, human, animal, plant, any body, and… why would biology stop here? It doesn’t! So, our bodies are the cells of our next bigger organisms all culminating into our next bigger body: Earth! And Earth, in turn, is a tiny cell of the next bigger body, and so forth. Have you ever looked at microscopic images of cells in a blood stream? It looks so much like the cosmos with its swirling galaxies, planets, and stars, which, in turn, are also cells of something bigger. Fascinating. And illuminating. I’ll let you know when my book on this topic is available but for now wanted to add perspective to a new way of understanding any approach to Earth-related support and solutions, just so as to not waste any time. This also allows for seeing ourselves in a new way. Curious? More to explore, but first on we go:

Earth is Obviously Not A Human Woman.

But She’s Alive – or Nothing Would Grow.
Her Trees Are Our Lungs. She’s fully aware of us, always.

A miracle-filled conscious being who is currently renewing herself — permanently changing her biology — which, in turn, changes ours, especially where we thought we were in ‘control’, including our human-made structures and systems and bodies. Not to bring it all back to how it used to be, but to bring all into alignment with who she and we keep becoming.

Whether we surrender or not, like at any birth, there comes a point when Nature just takes over once labour has started. No matter how much we try to stay in control, if we ever were. When the child is ready to be born, we can’t say:”Nope, sorry, got other things to do right now.” Any mother knows what I’m talking about, and all others can perhaps imagine a glimpse of it. Nature powers processes. Not we tiny humans. It’s not that we’re ‘unimportant’, we’re just not ‘all-important’ (sorry, teehee, I know that insight hurts! 😀 ) We’re all part of that cell-ebration of Life refreshing itself.

Co-create Heaven on Earth Visionary leader creative Spirit (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky free image courtesy Canva FEB 2019
(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky – Art Poet for Peace and Visionary – image courtesy Canva FEB 2019

A still space of Love in formation.

The energy is gentle — an ongoing broadcast of daily Love in fusion — lifting everything gradually to its original vibrancy. Every day is Earth Day, so, imagine Pregnant Earth in private and public and healing spaces, in hospices, schools, and in neighbourhoods, where she shares her calm and peace, and makes a house a home. Where she holds a space of balance, blessings, and prosperity, activating our field of feel-good for collective and individual brimming well-being and vibrant living or a peaceful passage.

“We don’t need to create Heaven on Earth. We need to support it. It has always been here, we’re just too busy overthinking and overtaking.”

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

‘Pregnant Earth’ (c) Art by Tanya von Zychlinsky at the Opening Night (Feb 2019) at Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange in Penzance, Cornwall, UK

Whether Earth Day, Earth Month, Earth Year — every day is Earth Day! – a day to celebrate Life, ours, hers, all of life and our connection with all. Like a special anniversary, a day to honour Earth’s supreme beauty. She’s been lavishing us daily, for eons. So, let’s be her guardians. If that resonates, you could get in touch here and just mention Re Pregnant Earth Giclee in the subject line. And we can take it from there. Just imagine… a worldwide network of guardians! Connecting with the image, you connect with Earth herself, and it works both ways. I never seem to get tired of looking at her and am still seeing new things to this day. It’s been 9 years since I painted her, but now’s her time to expand and elevate what and who’s around her.

Welcome home!

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE in formation

with all my art


signature of Tanya von Zychlinsky