Art and Poetry 'Pregnant Earth' both original Poetry Recital by author artist (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky standing in front of her Art in Exhibition

Above: Tanya von Zychlinsky — Art Poet for Peace and Visionary — giving a Poetry Recital of her own poetry in front of her original Art on Canvas, Pregnant Earth, at the Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, in Penzance, Cornwall, UK (photo courtesy Kathy Hall of the gallery. Thank You!).

Pregnant Lucy in front of Pregnant Earth Painting
(c) photo/art Tanya von Zychlinsky – Art Poet and Visionary – ” Wouldn’t it be so fun to have a pregnant woman in front of my Pregnant Earth for a photo?!” … and in walks pregnant Lucy (=Light). So grateful! Also for Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, Pz, Cornwall, UK, for our Exhibition.

This year, I started off strong, with DEDICATE, an online 30-Day-Yoga-Journey where (Yoga with) Adriene and zen-dog Benji teach you to find what feels good (at-home-yoga) to build new healthy habits, and I haven’t stopped since. Just. Feels. So. Good! THE perfect base for getting out there again to share my poetic soul-expression, this time the poem “Every Body and Every Colour Skin” (see text here) at Opening Night in February 2019, which went so well with my painting of Pregnant Earth and embraced the other artists’ pieces, too. This was a gentle recital, aligned with the intimate yet spacious setting of the gallery space, the stunning and surprisingly contemporary presence among all the ancient Celtic history here in Cornwall. I’ve been a volunteer at the Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange (Newlyn and Penzance) since September 2017 – and we were all impressed by the high quality of art works and photography at the Volunteers Exhibition. Pregnant Earth was the centre peace, pulling all together (calm, colours, size, gentle presence).

Heaven on Earth is what WE make it (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

“Your Poetry feels like a song that my soul so longed to hear, only I didn’t know it, until I heard your voice.” — Sheri, Cornwall, UK

“You found me!” Siobhan, Scotland

Earth loves You –
Lets love Earth, too!

Photo of painting 'Pregnant Earth' (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky Art Poet of Life
‘Pregnant Earth’ (c) Art by Tanya von Zychlinsky. Museum quality giclées available

So, cheering each other on – wins and shifts – in our online yoga community, one of my mutual cheering-on friends, AJ (you’re the best!), was bursting to see photos of our exhibition and fell in love with Pregnant Earth, treating himself to his own giclée on canvas (75 x 99 cm). Since the online images aren’t ‘print quality’, AJ’s expression comes nearer to the real deal. He emailed right after he hung it, and allowed me to share this with you:

“Wow, Pregnant Earth, she is amazing – I can’t stop staring at her! She is everything that I saw the first time, even more, a pivotal time in my life, a change, a New time. She just fits in my world, was meant to be for the last nine yrs; she just as you say lit me up. Before then, I just felt inside an empty space, she’s filled me up cradling my world, keeping it all together – the softness in her face reassures me All is well. Thank you x” AJ UK

Note: Giclée, French for ‘sprayed’, describes a fine art digital inkjet printing process combining pigment based inks sprayed onto museum quality archival paper or canvas for supreme quality, light fastness, and stability. Pregnant Earth is printed on superior Hahnemuehle canvas.

Like to become a Guardian of Pregnant Earth?

To purchase your very own giclée — or several, if you have a bigger vision to turn several spaces or areas into elevated environments — you could get in touch here, with ‘Re Guardian of Pregnant Earth’ in the subject line. And we’ll go from there. The energy that will keep emanating (from) this peace will bless any space that immerses you or others: Community spaces, hospices and healing spaces, yoga and meditation rooms or halls, schools, practices, scientific and other creative spaces where love and innovation go hand in hand, public passages, your private sanctuary or palace, of course. She’s but one embodiment of the I AM THAT I AM, that still space beyond, out of which all else arises. Please, understand that I am not currently selling the original, since Pregnant Earth is destined to be in as many spaces and hearts as possible, not just hiding out in ONE home (as I was over the past years, creating away). She is to be an Unlimited Edition! And, honestly, the colours and vibrancy on the giclée are even a whisper crisper!! 😀

Let’s connect and make your dream real!

Painted Prayers

My art and poetry are Painted Prayers steeped in Love as Healing Art, letting the Voice of Love speak through me to keep pouring that LOVE as a heart of gold into our world. These poetic and painted prayers carry, facilitate — and keep broadcasting — Higher Power of Peace and Gentleness to activate and set free that playful Creative Spirit or Soothing Sweetness, so very needed at this time.

Showing up on the page, canvas, screen, keys, and our movie called life, fully present, we are creating a NEW wholesome reality — together! — as we remember:

We’re each a Tipping Point, so
PLAY as the cosmic child, immersed in joyous creation.

To let people see what you see, create it!
To let people hear what you hear, tell a magical story, make music, sing your song.
To spread and receive Love, tell yourself and others: “I love you!”

Little girl open arms catching the stars. Putting Your SELF & EXPRESSION out there will yield HUGE REWARDS uploaded by Tanya von Zychinsky
(c) quote by Tanya von Zychlinsky; my favourite image courtesy Gyani. Thank You 🙂

Here’s what Pregnant Earth does for You:
A still space of Love in formation.

The energy is gentle — an ongoing broadcast of daily Love in fusion — lifting everything gradually to its original vibrancy. She shares her calm and peace, makes a house a home, and holds a space of balance, blessings, and prosperity, activating our field of feel-good for collective and individual brimming well-being and vibrant living or a peaceful passage. If you want your own or several as described above, you could get in touch here, with ‘Re Guardian of Pregnant Earth’ in the subject line. And we’ll take it from there.

“We don’t need to create Heaven on Earth. Earth already IS Heaven, has always been, we’re just too busy overthinking and overtaking.”

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE in formation

with all my art


signature of Tanya von Zychlinsky

(c) copyrights for all content on this website by Tanya von Zychlinsky. If you feel to share this content, please, would you kindly leave the page intact and credit the author. Thank you 🍀 and many blessings.