The grinning frog prince or princess as well symbolizes the invitation to the reader and listener to 'Kiss Yourself Awake!'

Hi, I’m Tanya,

Thank you for being here, and welcome to my world!

Isn’t it time, we created a NEW Reality?

Just IMAGINE, if we pooled all our skills and talents and heart-brain power – and combined all that genius!

Watch wonders happen when we express unlimited creativity as the natural state of the divine child. When we co-create and collaborate, instead of compete. When we care to find out more about those we don’t know yet, whose ways might be very different from our own, which we may have been taught to fear to keep us separate. We’re family, so why not just be curious about meeting all our global siblings, cousins, youngsters, and elders – and take the time to get to know each other. For, until we do, we don’t! The world is a village.

Please, click here for a short summary PDF of how I aim to help people prosper and lead by example and inspiration. Enjoy!

You might be the colour of the midnight sky, where stars shine brightly and angels fly, or the colour of sunrise, or a hue of dew, whatever your skin tone, it is crowning you. May you feel inspired, tickled – and loved! – by True Love Spirit right straight through.

Big smiles and a bounty of blessings,
ox Tanya

PS if you love my work, ♡ donations ♡ are always welcome. They help me help people prosper and cover costs, so I can continue sharing. Thank you so much. ♡ Either way, I appreciate and value your being here. You make the world a better place by remaining aware and calm where possible. It calms those around you, too – with so much LOVE. ♡