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My paid private mentorships or donations may allow for Scholarships or a Sliding Scale to those whose work benefits others. If a mentorship investment into your vision is too soon, or the pandemic caused you hardship, please email me your true story & your Why here. Subject line: Work with Me – Scholarship (or Slidingscale), and we’ll go from there.

Please kindly understand, it may not always be possible due to funds –
or my working on so many levels (availability). ♡

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vibrant cherry blossoms blue sky close-up as beautiful as your favourite famous poems by celebrities - POETRY POWERS PROSPERITY by Tanya von Zychlinsky

Donations are always welcome, they help me to continue to help people prosper, blossom, and be entertained with inspiration, visionary guidance, and love-filled poetry. Up to you ♡ I’m glad that your heart led you here. Welcome to the family! ✰ ○ 〇 ✰

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♡ May my word peace bless you and serve you as a divine navigational guide to COME HOME into your heart. We’re born to raise consciousness. If this isn’t your time (yet) for the advanced mentoring package, don’t worry at all, if we’re meant to co-create, we will. In fact, we already are, energetically, and, meanwhile, you can enjoy all the free ways to feel inspired and loved, it will elevate your energy and in turn, your reality – and prosperity.

Here’s to your awe, adventure, and appreciation!

♡ Can’t wait to connect with you. Thank you. ♡
Big smiles and many blessings, Tanya ox

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