Magical Mermaid swimming on the ocean ground blue silver hair turquoise purple tail and ocean part of POEM 'DEEP DIVE'

“People may have thought they lost me – or, that I finally drowned! — but while they shrugged their shoulders and turned, I found treasures on the ocean ground! Will you set your TRUE DREAMS free? Come, let’s take a dive together, let me entertain your brain and lift your being heavenly. Your gifts are […]

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A painting of pregnant Earth Healing Art by Tanya von Zychlinsky called mEternity Each one of us a CELL of Our New Earth Body

Poetry in mEternity (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky   Immersed in joyous co-Creation A playground for a colourful life Manifesting from within Where timespace gives us all high five   Everything is energy Intelligence informs for FUN Childlike innocence and wonder After all is said and done   Consciousness speaks to Consciousness Tickling you awake […]

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woman performer at microphone arms moving like angel wings

  Poetry is not the same as a poem. Poetry is Energy – LIFE ESSENCE – not an entity. Why? You can read more here.      Welcome, Glorious. Here you are. Lady Poetry, Life itself, is speaking to you. Are you glistening?   Your true purpose is living through JOY, to light up the world. […]

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