The Divine Feminine Re-Awakens on Earth

You may have heaven in your hair, magical girl with stars in her long curls. All made of stars. Poetry Powers Prosperity, for, Everything is Energy. Made magical by Tanya von Zychlinsky

The Divine Feminine Re-Awakens on Earth

poem and imagery (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky 22 May 2020

First off, it’s all about your HEART.
So, trust your intuition,
Appreciate beauty, speak words of abundance,
and watch your dreams come to fruition.

Choose thoughts that LOVE and CHERISH you,
For as you think you’ll live out loud,
And while your Heart is so relieved,
Your mind may kick and scream and shout.

Trust your High Heart, blessed being,
It all comes into harmony,
Whatever you are feeling and seeing,
Sings and plays your symphony.

Express Unlimited Creation
As the natural state of the divine child.

Be playful in your artistry –
Let your AWE and WONDERS go wild 😀

Whatever creative projects are nudging,
Now’s a great time to finish them up
Love and cherish yourself and others,
And let yourself be loved.

Lingo lover, are you longing?
Laughing, living leading lives.
Buzzing through new lives of WONDERS –
And what you celebrate, that thrives.

Precious, our breath and living,
Priceless, our true connection.
Blessed is each person’s journey,
Celebrated rich reflection.

Dip your brush into heavenly hues,
Creating cosmic celebration.
From head to heart to sacred shoes,
Let’s play in your IMAGINATION.

Now mini mind perks up his ears,
Forgets to kick and scream,
Does not even remember his fears,

… because he started to dream!

Meanwhile, your HEART so happy for him,
She always trusts her intuition,
Appreciates beauty, speaks words of abundance,
and watches your dreams come to fruition.

The Divine Feminine has re-awakened on Earth,
And there’s no turning back!
But forward into PROSPERITY
Beyond the current chaos of shadows,

… fear-fuming mirrors of limitations and lack.

So, keep going, Beloved, blessed being,
It’s all headed into harmony,
Whatever you are feeling and seeing,
Sings and plays your symphony.

Divine Feminine inside ALL you see
— compassion, connection, and co-creation —
Inspired by Infinite Life itself:
JOYOUS LoveLight in celebration!

Everything is energy – creating a NEW Reality.
Life’s Essence, not an entity.

Ready to BE FREE!

signature of Tanya von Zychlinsky

May my poem bless your day and serve you as a divine navigational note to bring you back home into your heart, whenever something throws you off centre. If you loved this prosperity poem and wish to share it, you’re welcome to do so, just would you please make sure to leave the page intact, credit its author (yours truly), and link it back here. Thank you. You prosper, they prosper!

The Divine Feminine re-awakens
within ALL of LIFE, so we awaken, too!

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE information

with all my art


Tanya von Zychlinsky

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Everything is energy
creating a NEW REALITY

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