Yellow sandy beach with new dream and a sun drawn into the sand for good mood by Tanya von Zychlinsky so Poetry Powers Prosperity

Isn’t It Time We Created a New Reality?

Your dreams and visions could be the missing peace.

I created this site for you. For dreamers, visionaries, creatives, artists, poets of life, change bakers, love-filled entrepreneurs, sensitives, and all other magical beings, earth angels, and creatures of the universe for a better more beautiful world – baking a new cake of creation.
Your sensitivity is your superpower!

I have always been a dreamer and a visionary, only I didn’t have a name for it as a child. And being called a dreamer was more of a label for ‘someone with their heads in the clouds and not really getting anything done’. Well, not so!

If someone can change the world for the better and infuse much-needed sense and sensitivity to restore our collective consciousness into balance, it’s the dreamers and visionaries, the compassionate souls, because they’re fine-tuned and vulnerable and open enough to hear the fine whispers of divine guidance.

Throughout my life, I have learned that our dreaming and visioning is at the heart of our life and the collective dream we call ‘reality’. It is our gift of creating something new, of dreaming ideas into existence. Everything worth living for started as a dream, an idea, a thought, a vision, that someone kept believing in against all odds and naysayers and critics. Even this awe-inspiring abundant EARTH. Everything is energy and energy in formation. And with our thoughts and dreams and hands and bodies and energy, we can wield the field, aligned.

Our Poetic Higher Power is expanding within ALL of us.
Rising. Remerging. Recreating.

Multiverses of magnificence brimming with benevolence.
Inside of you, projected out, reflected back.

New Dream Through Team!


The Beyond is brimming, emerging, arising
from within all life forms – including You.

The Beyond Poetry is the Essence of Infinity Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

As the Essence of Infinity Poetry Powers Prosperity
Calling forth your Higher You

The world awaits your dream come true

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Tanya von Zychlinsky

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“Wherever I go, I am creating a peaceful, loving & JOYFUL world.
Once mind, emotions, energy, and body are organised in ONE direction, your ability to manifest is phenomenal.” — Sadguru

Note: ‘JOYFUL’ energy contains, generates, and perpetuates abundance, health, fulfilling lives, rich relationships, happiness, unlimited creativity, great circulation (also circulating service and contribution), which in turn generates more joy and bliss and bounty. You get the picture.

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