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Dreams are always unrealistic – until made real, by us.
Fiction turns fact turns past, fast. And, Poetry powers prosperity, for everything is energy, creating a NEW Reality.”
— Tanya von Zychlinsky

Ready to Create a NEW Reality?

We are currently moving through a crisis of meaning as a society, as a humanity, as people, as Earth and all life forms. Humanity was (still is) in ‘time out’ to get off the hamster wheel, go inside, and realign with our innate nature, our spirit of compassion – and each other. Our human spirit in crisis always defaults to compassion, have you noticed? That’s our truth! All else is conditioning and programming, spoon-fed to us.

Now, we’re called forward, made NEW (or in the process of), aligned with our higher power: Who are we now – and what do we really value, has it changed? What choices will we or won’t we make for ourselves and the benefit of all? What future are we shaping and co-creating? The Unknown and Unseen may feel uncomfortable, but also spark our IMAGINATION to co-create a NEW REALITY, to change lives for the better, starting with our own.

We can make creative choices, led by Life, our higher consciousness, or they will be made for us. Be boss or be bossed. Whether for yourself or your organisation or community or your group: Be the hero/ine of your own destiny.
Embody the best version of your highest vision. It’s FUN. It’s productive – and, it impacts the world we’re co-creating.

As your Visionary Guide and Magical Storyteller,
I’m right here to mentor you.

Strategic International Leadership FUN.

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Tanya von Zychlinsky
Visionary Guide & Leading Resource

Many may complain, but YOU could be part of the solution. Martin Luther King jr. didn’t change the world by saying: “I have a complaint!”
Teacher of Transformation, Visionary Intuitive Guide and Cultural Creative Conduit offers you teaching tools and transmissions of deep wisdom and vast imagination right straight through to support what wants to be born through you — or your group — at this time.

Private Mentoring – Creating a NEW Reality
with Tanya von Zychlinsky via Zoom (online) to include:
– 1x/month for an hour for 3 months
– with assignments and progress-log
– Each Monday, your Miracle-Mindset check-in via email
starting off each week with intention and a clear spirit.
– If you get ‘stuck’ on anything, just send an email
Tuition fee £4000 you can get in touch here

Appreciation is key – and gratitude our magic carpet!

I look forward to working with You,

With awe and adventure,
blessings and big smiles,



PS Let Your Dreamer Direct the Doing. Let’s Create that NEW Reality. Grace may have guided you to get in touch

Co-create Heaven on AEarth Visionary leader creative Spirit (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky free image courtesy Canva FEB 2019
Heaven on Earth is not a place – it’s a consciousness in our hearts, Grace energy of prosperity which creates through us a NEW REALITY!” (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky – Art Poet for Peace and Visionary – image courtesy Canva

“Back to norm-all and ever more device-iveness?

Or, forward with reverence for LIFE and Earth, with gentle nature-friendly technology to support (not overtake) our energy, our biology, all of Life. In the end, it’s all about LIVING, about compassionate receiving and giving, celebrating the divine in all.

In alignment with the higher power of Unconditional Love we have mind-boggling capacities. Without it we’re nothing, not even alive. So, let’s do this – and co-create a NEW Reality. Be YOU to FULL and thrive as that part of the collective.” — Tanya von Zychlinsky

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