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Dreams are unrealistic – until MADE real, by us! – so let’s dive into
deep wisdom and imagination as we co-create a NEW Reality.
For YOU, our children, our world – and generations to come ✰

Poetry Powers Prosperity as the current of Life Force Energy, and since everything is energy, then energy is everything.” — Tanya von Zychlinsky

Everything is Energy – so Energy is Everything! (physics fact)
xx Tanya von Zychlinsky

Ready to Co-Create a NEW Reality?

We’re in the middle of a crisis of meaning and metamorphosis of society, continuing to change the world as we knew it. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so slow and steady wins the race, aligning our inner world as well as our outer mirror, and it’s up to each of us — and all together! — because what we each choose and decide (cut off) determines what our NEW Reality will look like and what we model to our children:

Do we choose to live in a reactive reality of fear?
Or, a proactive reality of LOVE and Fairness and Forgiveness. Fear or Fair?

What will YOU cultivate, amplify, see through to fruition? Your intent creates MEANING behind the MOVEMENT.

We each have different skills, gifts, talents, and experiences, so, imagine, what we can do when we unite to collaborate on building a solid fair foundation from the ground up, working wonders in the name of LOVE – with a miracle-mindset.

Our values and beliefs have changed drastically as to what is of the Essence and what really matters: Compassionate connection. Having each other’s back. We’re in this together, to gather.

The pandemic, separation programming, and chaos in the world are a direct mirror reflection of our transformation as we re-balance our inner and outer world, purge pains, and clear generational beliefs, cultural co-dependencies, and eons old ancestral programming. This is our clarion-call to take leadership of our own lives, our self-care and self-love, and from that place discover how we can be a rich resource for one another as a global family of human beings.

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

The secret of CHANGE is to focus not on fighting the old,
but on building the NEW. — Sokrates

Let’s do this!

Your Friends

“If your friends are against others,
they’ll soon be against you too,
for ‘being against others
is what they choose to do!

If your friends are for others,
they’ll be for you too,
because ‘being for one another
is what they choose to do!

And, what kind of friend are You?”

— Tanya von Zychlinsky

As your Visionary Guide and Magical Storyteller,
I’m right here to mentor you.

Strategic International Leadership FUN.

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Tanya von Zychlinsky , CEO & CREATIVE
– Visionary Guide & Leading Resource –

Many may complain, but YOU could be part of the solution. Martin Luther King jr. didn’t change the world by saying: “I have a complaint!”
Teacher of Transformation, Visionary Intuitive Guide, and Cultural Creative Conduit, Tanya von Zychlinsky, former Advertising Account Executive, offers teaching tools and transmissions for fast solutions, deep wisdom and vast imagination, receiving playful Spirit right straight through to support what wants to be born through you, your group, your organisation or small biz.

Private Mentoring – Creating a NEW Reality

Your minimum 3+ months coaching package means that you are
willing to make an investment and a commitment to your calling 
as creative spiritual entrepreneur, teacher & other luminous leader
who loves to help people prosper and build a NEW kind of world.

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Calling all Creators and Heart-Leaders. It’s time —
the world needs You with your talents and great ideas!

Creating a NEW Reality at Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

Appreciation is key –
and gratitude our magic carpet!

My ♡ PROSPER POEMS ♡ are part of the nourishment.
… and of the Language of Abundance that is so important.

Words are worlds.

I look forward to working with You 🙂

With blessings and big smiles,



PS Let Your Dreamer Direct the Doing. Let’s Create that NEW Reality. Grace may have guided you to get in touch

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♡ May my word peace bless your day and serve you as a divine navigational guide to COME HOME into your HEART. If you love my ♡ PROSPER POEMS ♡ you’ll love our visionary co-creations for your NEW Reality even more, custom-designed, received right straight through from Spirit for you. Nothing compares to that, because there’s only one of you and one of me, and the combination works wonders for your world 😀

♡ Can’t wait to connect with you. Thank you. ♡

♡ BE YOU TO FULL ♡ in a fair world, feeling safe – and being a safe space for yourself and others – no matter what you look like or believe in as you foster life, starting with yours. CHOOSE LOVE, for Heaven on Earth is what WE make it! ♡ Ready to move mountains and marvel at new meaning? Then you, too, were born to raise consciousness.