Freedom Angel Excerpt of art on canvas blue green and magenta colours (c) Tanya

LISTEN to Your Spirit of AWE and WONDER

I tickle you into fun and fascination —  call forth your compassionate co-creation —  so we can PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, and invite others too to be the way. That our world needs the most at this time to heal its lost cosmic child. Visionaries, change makers, lovers, light-hearted leaders, teachers, entertainers, creators, sensitives and other dreamers, YOU and your self-expression are of high high value! And deep down, we’re dreamers all. Everyone has a dream, and for a reason! What’s yours?

Our children are reminding us to care for ourselves, for one another, to delight in the tiniest creature and the silliest thing – that together life is FUN and to see what miracles bring. Imagine, what we can co-create together, if we pooled our talents and passions to invent what’s never been done before  —  such as a new reality. No more ‘been there, done that, seen it all’.

A NEW world of fascination and celebration.


Unicorn Tanyas Art BioMagical Being magenta (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity 2018
excerpt of art (c) by Tanya von Zychlinsky ‘UNICORN of TRUTH – Our Heart’

That childlike awe and wonder, spontaneous exhilaration about an enchanted world, seen or unseen, is the free-flow of poetic higher power, rejoicing through us (re-JOY-sing)  —  or re-join-cing?

Where is our focus, and how are we using our god-given gifts, talents, our skills and mastery, the genius that’s flowing through? Because, what we focus on, are immersed in, surrounded by, and thus filled with, emanates out as swirling (or stale) energy, creating us and  —  through us!  — our new reality.

What we’re predominantly focused on, filled with, and emanating, creates us and our inner world projected out, reflected back as outer world. As we surrender it all to the angel within, our Unicorn of Truth can light up in full vibrancy again!


What Worlds Are We Creating?

Rather than teaching our children ‘how to be an adult’, how to ‘behave’ according to ‘the rules’ of old, often resulting in misery over Mystery, let our children be the ones teaching us how to be like the children again, how to play within the Beyond. When parenting is connected to poetic higher power of LOVE and LAUGHTER (seriousness is mind-made!) and AWE and WONDER, it nourishes all involved and emanates that elevated energy, creating a sweetening space. As we grow older, we need to parent ourselves, since blaming parents or anyone  —  including ourselves!  — has an expiration date that says ‘Yesterday’. IF we choose to play within our response ability of co-creating new reality, that is.

😀  How do we go from worry to wonder, and why does ‘stuff go down’ just when we’re soaring?  😀

You can read more about this in my article Returning Home (= retuning home!). Rather than ‘scooting out’, like I see many spiritual ‘seekers’ still do, it is about expanding the current of poetic higher power, the energy of JOY and Love in formation.


All of Nature Benefits from Light-Hearted Living

… and our wealth, wonders, and wellbeing, too, for, as we celebrate, we circulate!

That way we, our communities, and our child(ren) can thrive, sound loving boundaries included, for when that tantrum-prone humanity kicks in (also inside ourselves). We are getting into a new way of ‘doing life’ as we are shifting from bio-logical (mind-led life) to BioMagical Being (divine-heart-led life), listening deeply to our body responses and inner wisdom guidance.

The more of us tune into our inner wisdom before we create or speak, and then deliver right straight through from that higher compassionate place, the Source of LOVE, the more we emanate peace – and blessings abound. And the more that which we create with that wonder-filled essence, the more it keeps emanating – and thus continuously creating – that love energy it was created with, in the first place.


Peace = Abundance is an Energy That We’re a Living Part of!

So, when we all take turns teaching and learning from each other and have compatience (yep, made that up!), it makes life much more rich and rewarding – and peace’n’wonder-filled!


What we create, creates us.
And, gratitude is our magic carpet!

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE in formation

with all my art


Tanya von Zychlinsky


PS To help people prosper and co-create a NEW REALITY through my mentorship & magical storytelling, people are immersed in higher power and IMAGINATION before we streamline and strategize, blending our brainpower with all our creative and intuitive gifts. Donations are welcome. Thank You.

Or, if creating a NEW REALITY by working with me is for you too, you could find out more here,



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As the Energy of Infinity Poetry Powers Prosperity

(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved for site contents (except quotes)


“The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate!”

— Oprah Winfrey


Leave a comment below to inspire us with what You are celebrating today,
OX Tanya  😀

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