You’re the Universe in Ecstatic Motion

Each One Teach One to Love One

Hi Lovely,

Has 2020 been treating you well so far?

Imagine, how fast we could change the world, if we all took action on this:


Looking at the state of the world, we may ask ourselves: But how can I help, how can one single person make a difference? Imagine, if we each taught just ONE person to love themselves —  starting with ourselves  —  if we know how, and from there to love ONE other (of course, we can love more!). If we don’t know how, that’s OK, we can learn it via tutorials or wonderful loving people out there. Take our world from self-neglect to self-respect. It’s up to us.

It’s not about walking ‘at’ people saying ‘Here is what I see, and now I tell you what I see!’ No. ‘See it ‘out there’ and change it ‘in here’. It’s about how we perceive ourselves, the world, and each other. We can practice to feel filled with love, every cell of our body brimming, and making our dreams real from there.

We’re each a tipping point!

We get to decide each moment anew:” Do I choose to be a nutrient or a toxin for myself or others? ”

Being a nutrient, we add pleasure and play, a smile, a hug, rejoice in our imagination, can be like the children (not ‘childish’, but in our childlike innocence). We’d be leading others by example and inspiration, not by ‘rescue’ or ‘lecture’.

We can take respite from our mind-chatter and daily deep-dive into imagination and wonder  —  into our Heart of Gratitude, that Still Sea of Intelligence, the pure Essence of Life: Our Poetry. Our Powers. Our Prosperity.

The LovePower that creates universes lives within each of us.


Each One Teach One to LOVE One

two happy children hugging light blue rose white colours from article The Universe In Ecstatic Motion

Stop playing small –
You’re the Universe
in Ecstatic Motion

Each One Teach One
to LOVE One
to stand TALL

We are the drop
We are the wave
We ALL are the ocean

Divinely designed
We’re seeds of devotion

Get the notion?

(c) 02-02-2020 by Tanya von Zychlinsky
from my heart to yours, more fun together
Gratitude is our magic carpet!


Loved people love people, which increases love in so many ways. A smile, a kind word, a hug, helping someone out if we see they need it and if they’ve then invited us to. Just don’t help ‘that old lady’ over the street, if that’s not where she wants to go. Be a friend to those who come, it is You coming to yourself.

For me you are celebrity, for you’re that part of me, you see?

So, here’s to all that we can be!

Big smiles and love eternally,

Tanya  ox

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Poetry Powers Prosperity Creating a New Reality – for, Everything is Energy.

Love is here for all of us.
It’s inside. We are that.

I am just another aspect of You

delivering messages for your inspiration and guidance

poetic higher power and waves of LOVE information

with all my art


Tanya von Zychlinsky


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‘Each One Teach One to Love One’ Poetry Powers Prosperity
(c) Tanya von Zychlinsky all rights reserved incl. site contents

The Beyond Poetry is the Essence of Infinity Tanya von Zychlinsky Poetry Powers Prosperity dot com

“to look into someone’s eyes and see Love there.
It’s never too late to see what we could have seen.”
– Tanya von Zychlinsky

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